Batch Create Inventory Items - Locations

I am trying to batch create inventory items, when i paste the template in Excel and fill the StartingBalanceQuantities.InventoryLocation, the inventory location record does not get created/updated instead it shows the default unspecified location. How can i batch create/update inventory locations?

Locations are going to give you real problems for batch operations, because in the database they are designated by 32-character hexadecimal strings. You can enter a few and decipher the codes, but it may not be worth the effort. Many variables are like that.

Hie Tut,
thank you for your reply. So if i want to enter Cement Shop or Main Shop, how can i enter it, as hexadecimals (43656d656e742d53686f70)?

You must make manual entries covering inventory at all locations. Then create a spreadsheet from Batch Update to see what has been assigned to each location. You cannot predict in advance what they will be.

Thank you so much, i am now able to enter batch inventory locations. I can now continue evaluating Manager.

can i extract all hexadecimal strings for my inventory locations? and Bills of Material Inventory

Sorry - I answered the wrong question

It looks like you would have to enter an inventory item into each location and then you can get the info by doing a batch update in the Inventory Items tab

Maybe do this in a copy of your business