Please let me know the update about it

I would like to use this software for manufacturing business which usually produce flour from wheat. Now my question is, in bill of materials I can use different types of inventory but for in finished item only one item come out. But my production line need more finished item. For example if I use 100kg of wheat, it produce 65kg self rising flour, 5kg plain flour, 2 kg Semolina and 30 kg of cattle food known as bhushi. I am really confused how to do it in production order.
I would be grateful if you could help me out.
Thank you. Did manager update on it

This has been discussed many, many times. Please search the forum for other discussions. Also, the suggestion for multiple outputs instead of only one is already in the ideas category: Production Orders - Enhancements. In fact, you have already been part of that discussion. I am closing this topic.