How to setup manufacturing Business using Manager

Hello guys,

Thanks for making such a useful software and forum.

I am new to Manager Software. I have few doubts and need your suggestions.

We have a Manufacturing food business and a retail shop.Now i need software for manufacturing unit.

For manufacturing process,

On daily basis we receive raw materials and evening we send food products to our retail shop. Everyday we check stock to know the raw materials utilisation. so we maintain inventory. I dont know how to use this software for inventory.

If i make purchase order and even receipt of goods it don`t reflect in more thing how to deduct raw materials for daily usage from stock.

Please suggest a solution

Firstly Manager can do everything that you require. In this post an overview will be provided

  1. It can handle all your Inventory requirements including both Raw Materials and Finished Goods (food products). Inventory has a basic mode and a more complex mode. In the basic mode you just use the Purchase Invoices & Sales Invoices tabs. For the more complex mode you would also use the Goods Receipts and/or the Delivery Note tabs.

  2. To convert raw materials into food products you would use the Production Orders tab, this process will automatically adjust your Inventory levels.

  3. The raw materials and finished goods Inventory can be reported on the Balance Sheet either together or separately.

You didn’t say, but does the manufacturing unit “sell” to the retail shop and the does the retail shop also need to record it sales / inventory.

For now we have all process in manual(by writting). Now im transforming accounts to software based system.
for now stocks and accounts for manufacturing alone is enough. later stage we will implement it for sales.

Thanks for your support. i will try and update here.

i was facing difficulty in adding stocks to the inventory. because the purchase order and goods receipt dont reflect in inventory. only purchase invoice alone reflects in inventory ist possible to add stock without purchase invoice? instead based on delivery receipt can i add stock in inventory?

Purchase Orders don’t show up in Inventory, it just an order and the Supplier might not deliver.

If you are going to be using Goods Receipts (Inventory complex mode) then the processing order in which the Goods Receipt or Purchase Invoice is processed influences Inventory Qty.

If the Goods Receipts is processed first then it is “shown” only in the inventory report, clicking on the inventory item’s blue Qty figure.

If the Purchase Invoice is processed first then it is shown as actual inventory, but when clicking on the inventory item’s blue Qty figure, then it is illustrated as waiting delivery.

So the question is - do you need to use Goods Receipts as inventory is simpler without them.

No, because you can only add actual inventory when it has an actual cost - the Purchase Invoice
Goods Receipts are only describing quantity movements, without values.

PS: in the first screenshot it appears that the reports wording is not quite right.
It should say - Qty Rec from Supplier, then say Qty Rec but not invoiced

thanks. to make it simple i have to avoid goods receipt.

Sorry for the delay in responding
Yes to make it simple, don’t use Goods Receipts or Delivery Notes, but you need to have latest edition 17-1-27, as there were some processing conflicts in earlier editions.