Process for new Ideas

TUT can you tell me what the process for new Ideas is ie what happens after we post what we think is a new idea.,who does it go to first then next and how is it decided if it is implemented or not.

The process varies, but forum moderators have the authority to recategorize suggestions into the Ideas category. The variation comes because some ideas are clear contradictions of accounting principles, so they go nowhere. Others may have been suggested in the past and rejected for one reason or another. Some go against fundamental design principles of the program. Some are of such obviously limited applicability it would not make sense to implement them. Still others are so obvious you wonder why nobody mentioned them before.

Regardless, if a moderator decides there might be wide utility and support, they can be shifted to the Ideas category. The purpose is to attract further discussion, get amplifying ideas, and so forth.

As to which are chosen for implementation and on what schedule, that is 100% up to the developer. Some have been picked up within hours. Others have languished for months. Sometimes the developer joins the discussion to express opinions or ask questions, other times not.

It is worth saying that ideas that are clearly explained and justified in ways that express wide utility get picked up more often than those that are narrowly focused. Illustrations and examples help, too.

Ok just what I thought. How many moderators are there I thought it was just you…
So if the moderators do not like it it wont get passed on

There are five moderators, recognizable by the little shield symbol by our usernames. @Brucanna, @lubos, and I are the most active.

Not so. I can’t speak for others, but I’ve put suggestions into the Ideas category I don’t personally agree with. I think the governing principle is to limit the category to those suggestions that meet the criteria I alluded to earlier so it doesn’t get too crowded. Right now, it has 40 topics in it, so any idea has a hard time getting noticed. I personally wouldn’t crowd the field with an idea that makes no accounting sense.

Another factor I didn’t mention earlier is how many times a subject has come up on the forum. When many users ask about the same thing, that can suggest a need for improvement.

Thank you great explanation