A Proposal to Moderators Pinned or Categorized Tag Called Feature Request

Dear @Brucanna and @Tut,

As per topic, can we have a specific Categorized Topic or Tag Called “Feature Request” whenever there is lack of features that we would like to have it implement in Manager?

How I understood the existing Roadmap are the features that @lubos are currently undertaking for implementation.
Whenever the Roadmap reached it’s completion and no bug are reported which is (Stable Version). The next in the list are from Features Request.

This also informing to us the user whether such requests has been brought up before.

The Moderators have absolutely no say in the how the Forum is formatted or organised.

As for the roadmap, it is a draft selection of “possible” improvements - a lot of substantial improvements such as Themes, Special Accounts, Attachments etc - never ever got listed on the roadmap. Yet Budgeting, a frequently requested item moves up and down the lists priorities.

As it is understood, all forum suggestions are filed on different lists - and these are reviewed from time to time - some get lucky.


At very least I’m now Know there is suggestions being filed but not for display in the roadmap.

Though, is it fine to have different users repeated the same request? Just my two cents…