Problems with invoice balances

after updating to this version Invoice number in the payment receipts and journal entries have disappeared.

This has resulted in incorrect invoice balances.

What you see had nothing to do with the new sales reports, so I have moved your post to a new topic.

Your situation is related to changes in how overpayments against invoices are handled. See this release note: [17.9.28] Improvements to automatic credit allocations.

Your first screen shot is not helpful, because you have not explained what it shows.

are you sure you had selected the invoices for all your receipts or journal entries?

i am asking because looking at your screenshots, the status of the invoice is showing Overpaid.
this happens because you have allocated excess amounts to those invoices than the invoice value itself. And if Manager had made the invoice numbers to disappear as you say, it would have been the case for all invoices and not for few invoice alone, which is not the case as the invoice status cannot be shown as Overpaid if the receipt had no invoice selected.