Problem With Underscore In Link

I am trying to include a link to a PayPal page on my invoices.

The problem is that the underscores are not showing up in the invoice, or are converted to dashes.

I would appreciate any help or an update to fix this.

Where are you entering this? And what exactly are you entering?

Are you entering HTML such as

<a href="">Pay now</a>

I am entering the following link:

[I removed the last bit with my merchant ID for security reasons]

But it shows up in the invoice like this:

Note: I’m using the latest version 14.9.3 (which changes every hour or so…)


Notes field supports Markdown and underscore is translated as italic tag.

So you will need to escape those underscores with \ character or just upgrade to the latest version (14.9.5) which will not misinterpret underscores in hyperlinks anymore.

Thanks, I appreciate the update and prompt response.