Font changing in custom theme

I’m facing a problem with my customized theme. I changed the font and it works perfectly in the printed output but not in the pdf one. It’s the server edition of manager. I think the problem it is that the font it’s not in my Linux server. If so in which folder should I put the TTF file? If not… what is the problem?


Manager’s internal PDF generator does not support all font attributes because of the many languages served by translations. In fact, it substitutes Google’s Noto font because that is universal. When you view onscreen, you are using your web browser’s accessible fonts, which are those on your machine.

Thanks. Do you think it’s possible to replace Noto with a different Google font since they are both online fonts? Can it be done through custom themes or should be done through a software customisation? @lubos

Currently it won’t be possible because internal PDF generator won’t download online font (for now).

Added to the latest version (18.9.52).

See my comment here:

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