Problem with date in saving files

Dear @lubos,

I’m facing a problem with the automatic naming of files with default date format “30/06/2018”.

Manager converts the “/” symbol with “%2F”. This is probably due to the fact that Windows cannot use “/” in files name but having a file name with “30%2F06%2F2018” is unreadable.

Can this be fixed?


Automatic naming of which files?

I was trying to duplicate the problem but not sure what files to use

Are you talking about have the date 30/06/2018 as part of the pdf filename?

Yes. Try to save any report

When I save a report the 30/06/2018 gets changed to 30-06-2018

When I create PDFs of reports, any slashes in the file names show up as dashes, which are allowed in Windows file names.

As I was ready to hit Reply, I see @Joe91 responded with similar feedback.

I should add that this is true whether the slashes are in an automatically created title, drawing on the date range in the report, or a manually entered title in the Title field (if the report includes one).

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In my case, cloud edition with Google Chrome, I get this strange symbols…

Try another browser. There have been many complaints from Chrome users. This looks like a browser issue, not a Manager issue.

I’ll try and come back to you. By the way I found this:

What does the “%2F” characters mean when used before an object in a URL?

Its the URL Encoded value of the Forward Slash (/)

Special characters need to be encoded in URL’s, eg. +, & , etc

So it seems that Manager or the browser is trying to convert a slash to that simble

It is the other way around. The encoding is not being converted to the symbol by your browser.

That’s what I discovered:

  1. Manager by default with any browser try to save the date in the format set by the user, in my case with “/” that is in html %2F
  2. Chrome leaves %2F in the name while Firefox replace it with “.” since “/” cannot be used as a name in any OS

As said it’s not a bug, but it would be nice that @lubos forces Manager replacing %2F with another simbol (even a space) instead of leaving each Browser choosing its own symbol conversion.

This is not quite true. My date format is MM/DD/YYYY. Yet Manager (desktop edition) creates reports with file names using MM-DD-YYYY. So the program’s browser avoids the problem by substituting “-” for the “%2F”. It apparently knows some operating systems will not accept the “/” character for file names.

If you are using the cloud edition, I believe the problem originates in Chrome, which does not render things the same way. The online version of Manager generates the same code, but Chrome interprets it differently, bypassing Manager’s internal rendering and titling processes. I sometimes encounter similar problems with other browsers rendering punctuation marks and special characters differently from the same web site.

You may be right. What I’m saying is that in order to avoid all the permutation of browsers Vs names it would be nice for Manager to set a default naming for any kind of format supported by any OS, ie “-”.

Firefox will replace / with _ on Windows.

I made it so the latest version (18.7.56) does it on its own but this should really be web-browser job to deal with.

The reason is that website doesn’t have access to your file system. It cannot possibly know what characters are allowed when saving file locally. Thus Manager will just send the “most desirable” filename and let the web-browser make the best out of it. Firefox will do the right thing while Google Chrome does not.

Thanks. Problem solved in chrome!