Probable version bug

I’m facing a problem with Doker’s autoupdate. I think that’s due to the fact that points to 18.7.0 instead of the real last version which is 18.5.99 as stated at Releases | Manager

The desktop releases only notes those updates with significant updates. Minor updates eg bug corrections are not listed.

The download page always has the latest official version

Dear @Joe91,

that has nothing to do with what I’m asking. We have created a Docker Repository of the server version which automatically updates getting the correct url from It has worked since today. Probably @lubos has wrong numbered the version inside the txt file.

@Davide, not sure what you mean. I thought @Joe91 answer was correct. shows the latest version. What do you mean it’s no longer working?

You are referring to the release notes. If you check the download page you will see the current version is 18.7.0 which matches the text file.