Manager Server not updating beyond 19.6.58

I have downloaded the Manager Server over the self-hosting page over the past few days and have just downloaded it again a couple of minutes ago, however Manager version remained 19.6.58 after the upgrade. I believe it should be 19.6.67 according to the release page.

Get it here

From where? The Guide provides the link @Abeiku already posted for Windows and Mac updates, a different link for Linux.

Only releases with changes noticeable by users are announced on the Releases page. The current version as of this writing is 19.6.80.

I have downloaded it 3 times just now from the same link given. But after replacing it, it didn’t show any upgrade. Version 19.6.58 remained.

Then you did not install or launch it correctly. The version at the link was only created a few hours ago. Version 19.6.58 was created 29 June.

Tut, the steps are very simple. I have been doing it the same steps many times.
nssm.exe stop ManagerServer
Unzip the files and replace all into the ManagerServer folder
nssm.exe start ManagerServer

I don’t think I made any mistake.

Even I totally stop NSSM, and start service directly with manager.exe, the display box also stated 19.6.58. I have download the 10th time and 10th replacing the files in the folder.

I don’t know what to say, except that you are installing the wrong files. The link currently contains version 19.6.80. I just downloaded and examined it again.

I worked through various tests to see what is going on:

Personal Pc - confirmed ManagerServer 19.6.80

Office Server (when our ManagerServer is installed) - numerous times installed over the existing ManagerServer folder – the result remained 19.6.58

I also made fresh installation to a new folder. Previous service stop and start with ManagerServer.exe from this new folder. – the result also gave me 19.6.58.

Firewall and Antivirus disabled with no result.

Any further testing that I need to figure out?

Sorry, I cannot help. My knowledge extends only as far as verifying the download link is the correct version of the program.

when you check the Properties of ManagerServer.exe, what version does it show under the Details tab?

crosscheck with the downloaded files and unzip it to another folder, the details from the property of the managerserver also stated 19.6.58

no offense but are you sure you are checking the right downloaded folder?
as a Windows user myself, i just downloaded from the above link and the version is 19.6.82

so the problem is not related to Manager but your system.

Downloading from here Self-host a Manager installation | Manager
gives me 19.6.82

Note also the default install will put Manager in something like
c:\Program Files\ManagerServer\ManagerServer.exe

Manually copying the zip files or running the normal installer from an administrator command prompt gets around this.

So, @success127, three users have confirmed that the download link provided in the Guide delivers the up-to-date version of the program. The problem has to be something you are doing.

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Sorry Tut. There is nothing wrong with my doing. I have been doing it the same thing, same method, same folder all the time for every update for the past 4 years. Mind me saying the update to 19.6.58 was few weeks ago following the same method. Only this time, it stuck at 19.6.58, it wouldn’t go beyond that. I don’t know why.

@success127 I think the issue is at our end actually.

When you go to, it redirects you to version specific link. I just noticed the the redirect returns http code 301 but it should really return http code 302.

What it means is that web-browser doesn’t really download the latest version. It assumes it knows what’s the latest version without checking - this is how you get stale version.

I will be looking into fixing this but in the mean time, clearing your web-browser cache will fix the problem for now.

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Big big thank you to @lubos. Clearing the web-browser cache fixed the problem. Updated to 19.6.83 :+1: