Printing cheques from manager

Is there a way to print cheques in manager? If so, how do you write the code to do it.

You can do it with a classic custom theme. Code has previously been posted on the forum. Be aware that custom themes are considered obsolete, however and have been announced as headed for removal from the program.

I am aware that custom themes will be gone at some point as the developer has stated that something new is in the works. I hope consideration will be given to the topic of this post as I would like to join @finetune with the request for check printing well.

Personally, I think you are unlikely to see this capability added. Cheque layout varies widely by country and by bank. Anti-forgery measures are often included, which Manager obviously could not include. Printing on blank, but serialized, forms is very difficult to standardize. Further, there is great mismatch between data on a cheque and content of a payment transaction. Ultimately, this would be quite difficult to implement for general use.

You should not believe the developer has never considered this subject.