Printable reports

Love this application by the way, it’s a great combo of easy to use and powerful for non-accounting folks like myself.

When running reports, e.g Tax Audit or General Ledger Summary, it is possible to click on the amount and get a list of the items that make up that category. e.g. Clicking on the amount for “Advertising and promotion” lists what goes into making that up.

However I can’t print the list that arises, like I can for the main reports themselves. I can only export the TSV.

Is there any way this is possible?

You have correctly described what you can print, what you can drill down to, and what can be exported. Currently, that is what is available.

You can always open TSV file in external program and print it there. The reason why lists of transactions are not directly printable (unlike reports) is because there could be hundreds if not thousands of transactions spanning too many pages.

Thank you both for the answers.

Lubos, re. the many transactions that may be printed, even the ability to create a PDF of the data would be handy.

thanks for your consideration