Print banking transfer transaction

how to print banking transfer transaction ?

I don’t know of a way.

But I wonder why you would want to. The transfer record is recording an event that happened at your bank. The bank should provide the documentation in the form of withdrawal and/or deposit slips. In other words, this is a transaction in which you should be given documentation, not furnishing it.

in our company we should record & print every financial transaction even the banking transfer transactions, then we should attach the withdrawal and/or deposit slips to the ( printed paper of the banking transfer transaction )

I agree with @beshoy in my company too we record all transfers between cash acccounts and bank accounts.
Transfers must be autonumbered and must be printable and filed.

@lubos please consider making Fund transfer viewerble and printable therefore


True, we need to be able to print banking’s/ transfer from cash to bank.

It has been implemented @richardmudiima