Pricing per unit

Hi all,

Here are what I have question about, might just be I missed some line in the tutorial.
Where can I input multiple pricing for 1 item? Do i just add a line with the same item name and input different pricing?
Because we get quotation from seller with different tier of pricing for quantity. Say 1000 pcs - $1.50 and 2000 pcs - $1.25.
Or this is not available with manager?

Multiple tier pricing is not available in Manager. But you can always edit a transaction if you get different pricing from your supplier. The solution is not to create another inventory item with the same name, because there will be no consolidation of the two items.

can a custom field help with that?
I tried to look at custom field, but with limited capability for coding, I don’t even know if this is feasable.


No. While you can add custom fields to inventory items, their content would not be used in any ordinary accounting computations. They can only be used for calculations with other custom fields, and the results would only be informational. In other words, they would not affect what is posted to any account. Further, the multiple price information would then appear on transaction forms where such an item was selected—definitely not what you would want.