Previous due in current invoice

I need to make invoice with previous due in current invoice. I mean to say I want previous due statement in current invoice.

Can you please help me in this…

@absoftech you can add a customer statement to the invoice and mail them. You can also type something into the Note section e.g.

Unpaid balance before this invoice 5800.00 Current Invoice amount ................ 1200.00
Total Due ($5800+1200) ............. 7000.00

I however admit that it would be great if could automatically display such information on sales invoices.

The point of the sales invoice is to create the obligation for payment. Each invoice stands alone. In many cases, you have no idea (a) how the customer will process the invoice internally or (b) whether your customer might have to provide a copy of the invoice to its customer (such as when you are a 2nd-tier subcontractor to a 1st-tier subcontractor). You would not want information about unrelated jobs cluttering an invoice or revealing proprietary information about other jobs. And your customer might need to keep records separately for different jobs.

The statement, on the other hand, is a summary of what is owed, including the sources of the obligations (the various unpaid invoices).

So I think it is preferable to keep things as they are. That gives users the freedom to adopt invoice or statement billing practices as they see fit.


I agree with you @Tut, The objective of an invoice is to tell a buyer or a consumer the description of goods or service already delivered or consumed. A customer statement is what shows outstanding amounts or transactions with the buyer or consumer.

However, I don’t see anything wrong with notifying a consumer on an invoice of outstanding amounts, anything to save precious time is dear to me.

And yes, making these kind of features optional is the best. So in creating an invoice, the user may select Display due on account on invoice
I really don’t think it will be implemented but it sounds like a real good tool to put pressure on a buyer to pay their debt