Prevent Negative Inventory Own Amount

Can I create permission that the user can’t sell more than Inventory Own Amount?

No. The reason the program allows selling while in a “back-ordered” status is that many businesses sell on a just-in-time basis. They don’t order the item from a supplier until it has been purchased by a customer.

what about giving an option to owner, whether to allow over selling?
for delay in data entry delays practical reasons it is a common practice

Good question

Once again the old stale reply that no one needs it.

And just as you say many sell on a just-in-time basis, there are many that don’t.

Go to Inventory zero warning and vote it up. I believe it is an essential item for proper inventory control. It doesn’t have to stop you from invoicing or selling stock you don’t have and in some cases can no longer order, IT JUST HAS TO WARN YOU OF EXCEEDING STOCK ON HAND!!

That is the opposite of what I said, @VACUUMDOG. I answered the original poster’s question (such a permission cannot be set) and explained why the feature exists (because many users need it).