Quantity in minus!

How to prevent sales invoice to put quantity to sell more than quantity in hand ?? as i tried to put more quantity than what i supposed to have , and it didn’t stop and showing quantity i have in minus !!!

Plz see the attached

Simple answer - You can’t

A quick search of the forum would have found hundreds, if not thousands, of posts on this subject.

There is no control on inventory levels going negative in Manager - this is a deliberate design choice.

Some businesses do work this way - they only purchase inventory after it has been sold to a customer

Sorry @soma if I seem a bit jumpy at you but trust me I’m not and I am sorry in advance if I seem a bit counterproductive to your cause here.

But having said that, preventing of user errors – especially when it comes to strict enforcement of system inventory levels – is counterproductive to my case. That’s why I strongly oppose this request. Especially if you consider that many businesses do back-sell or short-sell their stock.

I am sure you have a strong case to your request and I am also sure that I do too. That’s why I believe that a Extensions need to be improved to allow users greater control over how Manager behaves in these kinds of situations.

There is already 2 ideas on this subject, see these threads

I am closing this topic. Further discussion should occur in the topics @Patch mentioned.