Preparing a custom report

Good Day Sir,

i am creating a custom report so that all the below fields shown inside the red border mentioned in the screen- shot will appear. However, I can’t be able to understand which columns to choose in the definition. In particular i am unable to get the highlighted sub-total amount to appear.

Please find below definition of snapshot. i am trying all combinations to achieve the result, but to no avail.

Request your assistance as need to submit the report to my boss on Sunday pls. Thanks!!

That’s because it isn’t a “single value” in the sense that subtotals are dynamic and could mean anything. In fact in your given example, you have two instances of “sub-total” appearing on a single invoice.

If I understood you correctly, I think you were trying to get the total value of the invoice amount.

If that’s the case, why not show the following columns:

  • Sales Invoice > Total amount in base currency
  • Sales Invoice > WithholdingTaxAmount

Then, you can copy to clipboard and do the subtraction in a spreadsheet.

Adding to what @Ealfardan already said, any displayed transaction contains processed information from the database. The processing is encoded in the transaction view itself. The results of the processing—the subtotals, etc.—are not stored in the database.

The custom report will need to calculate the (sub)totals.

  • Sort then Group by is used to do this
  • I have not checked if Manager custom reports can separate out then group by individual components of compound tax codes.It probably can’t.

What are you actually trying do do / problem to solve

thank you fo the various input. I was able to achieve the below report. However, If i collapse the group the receipt date does not appear in the report. I want the receipt date to show as well along with the sub-total value.

Below report with groups collapsed: -

Kindly guide. Thank you.

Every line item on a custom report represents one general ledger transaction. So you will never get a sales invoice and corresponding receipt showing on the same line. Additionally, a receipt is a credit, and you have selected only debits.