Prefix for references on quotes and invoices


Is it possible to add the ability prefixes on quotes and invoices automatically? It would be nice if one can be able to include prefixes instead of just numbers only. Currently one has to edit the references on the documents every time they want to use prefixes which is a bit inconveniencing. This will be great if this suggestion can be considered.

Please search the forum on “prefixes”, this has been discussed widely and the forum rules at FAQ - Manager Forum say:

  • Search before you post. Chances are good you are not the first person with a similar question. If you cannot find what you need in the Guides, thousands of topics with tens of thousands of postings make it likely the answer to your question is already here on the Forum. Before starting a new topic, tap into our huge, crowdsourced knowledge base.

Hello Eko,

I did search I found that the topic was raised in 2016. But since the feature has not been added yet, I thought I might raise it again for consideration.

You did not search well enough, look at Search results for 'prefix' - Manager Forum You will find for example 2022 entry Ability to add prefix or suffix to automatic references and more recently ending 10 March 2023 Series of Number at printed documents - #10 by AMM