Pre-Made Discounts

When looking through the system, I was ready to switch from Quickbooks but then I found that you can’t have “Fixed Percentage Price Levels”.

Here is quickbooks definition:

Fixed Percentage Price Levels
Fixed percentage price levels let you increase or decrease prices of all items for a particular customer or job by a fixed percentage. For example, you might use a fixed percentage price level for a customer who gets a 10% discount on all the products and services you offer. You can choose to round sales prices up to the next whole dollar by setting this Company preference when you use fixed percentage price levels.

For example, our industry requires you to have a structure discount such as follows:

50/10 or 50/10/5 off of a list price.

So in other words, it would auto-calculate it like this:

$100.00 / 50 = $50
$50.00 / 10 = $5

$50-5 = $45

So then your discount off of $100 with the discount of 50/10 would be $45.00

It is very confusing but that is how our industry worked. If that isnt possible to make something like that, if there was atleast a way for there to be preset discounts such as using “.45” against the sell price, that would be amazing.

This screenshot shows how it is set up in Quickbooks as well. If that is something we could get put in the Manager Software, that would be amazing! :slight_smile: