Additional discount level

I have a client selling hardware items providing customer multi-level discounts. Example, if the selling price is 100, the client could provide 5%,2% discounts. Sometime for some items it give 3 discount levels. For this example, discount is computed as 100x5%=5. Then 95x2%= 1.9. Final discounted amount is 93.10. is this possible?

Also, during display of invoice, do we have an option that the discount (in our example, 6.9) will not be displayed in the print-out?


No. You can only apply 1 discount rate or amount per line item. In your example, your client should enter a discount rate of 6.9%. Or, your client could use the calculation feature in the discount field. Enter 5+1.9 and the program will automatically add the rates.

No. If you want only the discounted price to show, adjust the unit price instead of using the discount feature. Again, for your example, you would enter 93.10. Or you could use the calculation feature in this situation, too, entering 100*.931 or 100*(1-.05-.019).

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Got it, thanks @Tut