Posted cheques

anyone help about tracking for posted cheques on manager

Read the Guide: Track cleared and pending status of bank transactions | Manager.

Thank you very much for reply , but i think its long steps for that i would like to get easy way for that

How would you suggest things be improved? If you want to track status of cheque presentation, you have to (1) enter the cheque when first written or received and (2) enter the clearance. Two separate events, two entries. How could you reduce the number of actions? And where would Manager get the information if you did not enter it? This is no different from keeping a manual cheque register: you enter the cheque, then later indicate it has cleared. There is no way around those two necessary actions.

If you only care about cleared cheques, import a bank statement instead of entering payments and receipts manually. You will only have cleared cheques.

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thank you i understood that ok with me now