Manage and Track the cheque

The feature to track and manage the cheque book of specific bank account with the effect of cheque clear, bounce, dishonored and pending.

Pending and cheques cleared are already traceable in Manager. You can innovate to keep records of bounced cheques. For me to record a cancelled cheque I edit the reference number of the cheque (Payment) by adding this to it - CANCELLED e.g. 2009876547 - CANCELLED After this I clone the transaction and edit the amount entered to a negetive figure. This will reverse the effect of that payment on the balances of the accounts involved. Enter details by mentioning the original reference number and cheque number and add more details including for e.g why it has been cancelled etc (add details to all the line items description, it could be just a text like - CANCELLED)

Manager currently doesn’t have a cheque book register or a feature that monitors the use of cheques. You have to have a spread sheet for that.