Post dated transaction

pls. can anybody help me on how to trace a post dated transaction so as to correct it ? i mistakenly posted some transaction meant for latest yesterday and posted it for say next month then i have this notification

i have checked all my sales and expenses and i could not see the transaction i post dated. pls. help!

set your system date to a post date, say two months ahead. Re-open Manager and make the corrections. then set everything back for regular use.

This wont work as the post dated transaction will no longer be highlighted it will look just like a normal transaction.

Go to the Summary tab Set Period and change the dates, make the “from” date tomorrow and the “until” date a year from now - then on the P&L side you see any future dated transaction.

If no transaction is shown, then the transaction is in between two Balance Sheet accounts.

Alternatively, you could go to Reports - General Ledger Transactions and input the same dates