Post Dated Cheques Due Reminder

I sometimes issue Post Dated Cheques to suppliers when I buy material from them. I keep a track of the cheques issued by mentioning the date of the cheque as due date on the Purchase invoices - so i know when to have sufficient funds available in my account.

My question is: - Is there a way we can have a report that I can click on everyday - that shows the cheques due in the next 7 days along with the dates…and also the cheques which have already crossed their due…sometimes Suppliers dont cash the collected cheques immediately, so i need to know this cheque is due, and may clear any time.

Currently, I do see all the purchase invoices Due, but I have to scroll down a full list… and its not in order of when payments are due… as you can see the screenshot

For example, if you see below - there is one payment due tomorrow for Opal Computers, bu it comes between two other payments due in 3 days… so theres a chance I may not notice this.

A report to see cheques (Purchase Invoices) due in next 7 ( or customizable) days would simply be magnificent. Please let me know if this is possible.

This has little to do with purchase invoices. How do you record those post-dated cheques in Manager? You should go to Bank accounts tab and record post-dated cheque under Uncleared payments column. Are you doing this that way?

No. I am not aware of this.

Is there a guide you can point me to for this?

Have a look at Manager Cloud


Thanks I am sort of getting the hang of this.

I have a question though.

Is there an option to click spend on a purchase invoice, and use funds from “Uncleared Payments”

Right now, I have a purchase invoice for which payment is due, and i have added the same value in Uncleared payments because I have given a PDC… but I am not sure how to connect the two.

Not yet but it will be implemented soon. For the time being, you will have to go to Bank Accounts tab and create the transaction in there. Then just categorize the amount paid to Supplier credits account or Accounts payable account (depends whether you want to match the money paid with specific invoice or not)


I have followed your advice above and linked the Uncleared amounts to Accounts Payable (and the corresponding purchase invoice).

However, I dont do a reconcillation with my bank statement because there are a few transactions every month which do not appear in my accounts and I prefer doing the accounts manually rather than linking with my bank statement.

So what I need right now - is your help to move these amounts from Uncleared payment to statement balance. Is there a manual way of doing this without reconcillation?