Report listing due dates for purchase invoices

I am a relatively new desktop user for my family business. I have looked for an answer to my question and apologize if this is a repeated topic. I am interested in generating a report that will list current payables with their due dates. The aged payable report lists by “coming due” but I would like specific due dates. Am I missing something? Am I able to customize and make this happen? Thanks.

Not sure about a report but if you go to the Purchase Invoice tab, then click on the heading “Status” that will sort payables by their “Due in x day”

Thanks for the reply. Sorting the status column is a helpful feature, but I would much prefer to have the exact due date information available in report form. Perhaps there is another alternative?

Aged Payables format cannot be changed. It is a retrospective report, not a prospective one. However, you can export the Purchase Invoices tab and manipulate as desired in a spreadsheet.

Thanks for the idea, I will try working with that. I appreciate your reply.

Check the latest version (16.4.15). Then go to Reports tab, then Custom Reports and type:

SELECT * FROM PurchaseInvoices WHERE BalanceDue > 0 ORDER BY DueDate

This will show list of purchase invoices where balance due is more than zero sorted by due date.

This feature (to be able to write such queries) was taken out, correct? I would like to see a due date column, or be able to sort by due date. Is there a way to write queries? Is there a way to customize columns?

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No, it was greatly enhanced. Read the Guide: Create custom reports | Manager.