Possible Bug with recorded email date in email log

Hello there may be a possible bug with the recorded date in the email date log under the “Emails” tab.

This issue is occurring in both Manager Server version 19.11.17 and version 19.11.21

When a quote or invoice is emailed through Manager with say today’s date the 14/11/2019 the Emails log records the previous day’s date the 13/11/2019.
This discrepancy can lead to problems with clients.
Checked server system date and time. The regional date and time settings are correct.

Manager is now using web server time. That probably explains the behavior.

How is Apache’s time different from the hosts time? Can this be resolved someway?
Also checked mail, another web servers and time server, all in order and OK. Issue found / discovered after applying the Manager updates listed above.

I can confirm the time stamps in the email physically received in the email clients are correct so it is just the Manager Email log in this case which has dropped back a day.

I do not know. My response was speculation, based on this response from @lubos in another thread: Time zone problem - #11 by lubos.

The change was made October 4, 2019.

What time zones are you and your server located in?

My Time zone New Zealand Wellington (GMT+13)

Does anyone else report this? If not then it has to be something on my systems.

What time were emails sent? Is the problem dependent on time of day? Note that +13 can actually be the following day compared to noon GMT.

Verify daylight savings time settings.

Looks like any time. Just processed another test … OK let me give you some pictures.

Here is an invoice in the process of being emailed from Manager.
Date 15th Nov, Time : 09:57

Here is the Manager Server time taken more or less at the same time.


Here is Managers Email log for the Invoice just sent


Here is the Date and time stamp of the invoice email received by the recipient. Note date and time in email is correct.


So in my view this appears to be a Manager issue which has kicked in recently.

Please answer my question. Does anyone else experience this please?

Strangely enough, YES.
Just noticed it on an Invoice emailed out recently
And I do not post date my invoices!
It was the only one I found but it was also the only one issued early a.m. (in the morning, UTC +11, AEDT).

I will try with some dummy invoices at different times of the day and see what eventuates.

10 minutes before 11 am AEDT and 10 min after 11 am AEDT (UTC+11)

Manager desktop version 19.11.21, Windows 10.
No other program used has problems time wise.

OK. For both of you, this may be related to daylight time. I am moving this to the bugs category.

Manager internally stores UTC date and this is what was shown in Emails tab. The latest version (19.11.69) will convert UTC date to local date before displaying. This should fix the issue retrospectively too.