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Hi there, I have just emailed a pay slip to our employee and for some reason it is saying it was sent yesterday (20th) when it was actually emailed (and the pay slip was entered) today the 21st. Can someone tell me why this is?
Thanks in advance.

OK. I’ll elevate this to bug status so it gets looked at.

Just to confirm, you didn’t edit any dates by accident, did you? In other words, they came up wrong?

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Hi Tut, thanks for replying,
Yes I’m using desktop and I’m in Australia.

Thankyou, no I checked and the date is correct on the payslip.
Appreciate your help.

This could be related to some date/time problems found earlier.

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@Janine, what edition are you using? If cloud edition or server edition, make sure you set correct “Timezone” under Preferences tab. Changing to correct timezone would retroactively fix your dates on emails.

Hi Lubos, thanks for the reply. I am using desktop.

At the risk of suggesting the obvious, have you verified your operating system date/time preferences are correct? In the desktop edition, Manager will take its date/time knowledge from your operating system.

Hi Tut,
Yes the time and date is correct on my laptop. It’s very strange.

Should be fixed in the latest version (16.11.13). Your already sent emails should show correct date as well.

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Awesome, Thankyou Lubos. It’s all sorted now. I appreciate your help.
Cheers Janine