POS suggestion

any suggestion about a POS system that could fit with Manager ?

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Any POS system will work with Manager. At the end of the day, POS system will produce daily summary of total sales. This can be posted in Manager as a single cash transaction.

it would be good for Manager (Cloud Edition) to have his own POS (Android/iOS)

Could you suggest me how to do it @lubos ?

Firstly, does the POS system produce a daily summary report of sales, if yes
Then in Manager create a Receive Money transaction based on that reports details.

Thank you

payment receipt : we should be able to print payment receipt as well.

You can. Click PDF and print the PDF or click Print directly.

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This will be just a single transaction, (after combining total sale of the day).
If you can write android version which can receive every sale like desktop version, it will be great.

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I would like to up-vote this idea, Lubos. Do you have any plans to create a standalone POS module (PC and mobile app) that allows other uses (cashiers) to be able to capture each sale in context? It seems like a natural next step to create a seamless link between front- and back-end, especially in retail environments. This would be a major win, because you already have inventory management, purchasing, receiving, etc. Might an opportunity for Manager to expand value to market. I love manager and suggest it to anyone who will ask!