Plural of currency and cents in word

In Malaysia the currency Ringgit does not have plural form (as Ringgits), how to overcome this plural issue in “amount in words”
And we want the cents also in words.
Could you please assist us

Manager doesn’t know what fractions of currency are named but eventually the field should be added so the amount in words can be shown completely.

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Why not just letting the user add the names when setting base and foreign currencies? This way it will show as they prefer.

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@eko base currency name already added As Malaysian Ringgit
But when it become plural the system automatically adds the “s” as plural form(Ringgits)
But in Malaysia is being used as one ringgit, sixty five ringgit, one million ringgit (not ringgits)
And the cents also we need in words

@Shan as mentioned if the user can define the name and plural/singular forms and the fractions in words then this would resolve the issue where @Lubos refers to that Manager does not know the naming conventions of each currency and their fractions. What you call cents in one language could be centimes in another.

It’s the same for euro

The plural of euro is euro but everyone uses euros