Total amount in words in arabic

Total amount in words in arabic dosen’t work in 22.7.12

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Has it ever worked in Arabic? I thought it was only in English.

I checked this guide and it indeed indicates it’s only available when English is selected:

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This hasn’t been implemented for languages other than English yet. Putting in ideas for now.

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Added to the latest version (22.9.1)

Currently, the following languages are supported:

  • Arabic
  • Azerbaijani
  • English
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese

E.g. Vietnamese

If you need this feature for language that is not yet supported, let me know.


Good development! Dutch (Nederlands) and German (Deutsch) comes to mind as languages that would benefit from being supported.

That’s some tremendous effort there. Thanks @lubos.

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Thanks for this update but if the currency also add will be perfect.
our currency is Kuwaiti Dinar the system showing :
Total amount in words

Four hundred and seventy-five
أربعمائة وخمسة وسبعون

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@albaik3 Arabic is already in the list shown. Just update to v22.9.1 and try.

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That is a separate feature request. It would have to be controlled separately as the currency does not depend on language set.

i understand that but it should be like this :
Four hundred and seventy five Kuwaiti dinar
and in arabic
أربعمائة و وخمسة و سبعون دينار كويتي

That is not supported as it works with the generic translation and is not specific to the invoice. Once you select a language all that is generated by the system (not what you type yourself) would be in that language.

my dear forget our currency if the system currency by USD it will not show

Not true, see test business below:

English with USD as base currency:

Arabic with USD as base currency

I set English to Arabic

I agree with you the currency symbol is showing in total number not in the amount words this is what i mean.

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That is also not the case in English or any other language. I think that this was the compromise @Lubos needed to be able to make multiple languages possible by removing the naming of the currency. See my screenshot of the English version that was converted to Arabic it just states:

Screenshot 2022-09-01 at 13.12.38

Dear @lubos

it is great addition to the software

I have tested this option I found that Total amount in words in Arabic will be activated only if you choose one language either English or Arabic.

May I know if possible to add both languages if Dual Language is selected this could be solved by adding Language Preference in the setting for invoice presentation or any other thought from Forum Member has other idea

looking forward to have your positive reply

I tried with Indonesian but it’s still showing in English.

I think it’s better if the total amount language is based on The Business Detail Setting not based on the whole system setting. @lubos

Just ask Indonesian to be added as @Lubos asked for. Do not understand your complaint. Ask for it and hopefully it will be provided.

But Indonesian is already supported. I’ve tested it and it works.