Petty Cash

There are some issues as stated below:-

  1. I wish to transfer petty cash from bank account using journal entry. But when I do the double entry which credit bank account and debit petty cash, there is no petty cash account selection for me to do so, how to settle this?

  2. if I create another petty cash account under asset and have transfered $500 from bank to petty cash account, but the petty cash on hand account under the Summary Screen still zero in value.

  3. When I paid for purchase invoices from spent money tab, and choose to pay from petty cash was not reflected from the petty cash on hand too??

Any suggestions?

You need to enable cash account by clicking customize at the bottom then tick Cash Accounts.
Cash Accounts will then be shown in your list of tabs.

I have the cash account shown in the list, but not appear when I do the journal entry. There is no petty cash account to choose from so I couldn’t debit any amount to petty cash account. Thanks

You cannot transfer cash by journal entry anymore.
You have to go into your bank account and transfer money to cash account.

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