Journal Entry using bank

Dear All,

When performing a recurring journal entry I am unable to find my bank/petty cash account (listed under asset category). How can I ensure the deduction of amount is done through my bank or petty cash account?


One cannot record any transaction involving the movement of actual money with a journal entry. Read and

Related to recurring or normal general journal entry, I was unable to find any such thing neither in the document/guides. I have had used quickbooks before and found it convenient where the journal entry allows me to post expenses and balance it with a bank account/petty cash account. Can you please advise how the same can be achieved?

It can’t be done. You can not use a journal entry to post transactions to a bank or cash account. Use the Receipt or Payment transaction

Thanks Joe for clarifying. I was concerned on how to manage some recurring transactions by defining them through recurring journal entries. But I guess it has to be manual through payments/receipts.