Permission problem with Receipts and Payments Summary report


I’m on cloud version…

It does seem like a bug, because I managed to recreate your problem:

Moreover, the access rights for summary seem to interfere with Receipts & Payments summary, however even if you provide full access to the summary page you still cannot create a new report:

Moderators please consider moving this to bugs.

I moved this topic to bugs and edited the title.

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@Kumar_Avinash_Rai @Ealfardan both issues fixed in the latest version (21.2.13)

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am having the same issue … cannot make payment with impersonating user in test environment.
am using server edition on Ubuntu 20.04

connecting the user from win 10 PC

And permissions as follows:

@rukshakhan I’m not able to reproduce the issue. Can you confirm version you are using?

Apologies on my ignorance. but how do I check version of Manager I use on Ubuntu?

OK… Got it. - Version 21.3.90
Located at the footer

Hi @Lubos,

Any suggestion on how to get a limited user make and receive payments?

@rukshakhan what button do you click just before getting not authorized error? Can you show screenshot for context?

Hi @Lubos,

Refer to the process I use to make payment below:

I hope the image is clear.



Am I doing anything wrong?

Please advise.

I believe the developer has issued an upgrade.

I had to install Manager on Windows to check… Its fine there… and Now I upgraded to latest Manager version on Ubuntu… The payment can be processed by a restricted user.
All Good so far.

Still testing the application and looking good so far.

@lubos Now the users have no restrictions. A restricted user is able to move and dwell in admin territories. How can this be fixed?

Fixed… restarting the host PC works fine.

@lubos we have restarted the server aswell but still all users have access to all receipts even of the accounts they dont have access to. Same is the case with payments. And transfers, users can now make transfers to accounts which they dont have access. It causes leakage and errors

Also when receipts or payments are searched with date filter they dont show totals in the end. Which they used to show.

was having the same issue… I had to make sure all users were logged out of the system and had to clear the browser cache.

We are still facing even after cache clearing

This should be resolved in the latest version (21.4.37)

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