Restricted user sees all when clicking on payment

Dear all,

We are testing manager server version and we have given front office staff to enter petty cash in the manager, we had done the following

  1. created a bank called Pettycash
  2. gave the user permission to access the petty cash
  3. gave the access to payment
    The problem is that when we click on the payment line, the user can see every payment irrespective of the payment is done through petty cash (1) account.
    The user do not have any permission to view any other bank other than Pettycash
    is there any way around for this ? (is this only relevant to Server version)

Select the particular cash or bank account for which you want to assign the permission to any user.

That is fine Khurram, however if you got to payment section and click the payment-lines tab in the bottom will show all payment items which user do not have permission.

@ragas please change the title of your topic to something meaningful like. There is no difference between the Cloud and Server versions. Only Desktop versions are bit different because they do not have multiple-user capabilty& restrictions.

Restricted user sees all when clicking on payment-lines

@Lubos this please look into this as this issue because this obviously should not be possible. I can replicate the issue with Manager Server v23.8.25.1002

I can also reproduce this issue on cloud version

What @ragas and @Khurram_Shahzad describe concerning payment lines is not an error or bug. The Payment - Lines button has nothing to do with permissions. It only controls a display choice, specifically, whether you see the individual line items on payments or only the total figures. If the user has permission to see payments, they will see all payments. They then have the choice of whether to break those payments down into individual lines.

The issue is irrelevant, because all line items comprising a given payment will be credited to the same bank or cash account. (Anything else is impossible.)

The question of whether a user should see payments made from a cash or bank account to which they do not have access is completely separate. But there are now so many options available in Manager, it is difficult to conceive of a permissions architecture as adaptive as you might wish that would not be confusing.

It is an issue and inconsistent with expectations, see below screenshots test business with user restricted to only Petty cash and Payments.

Payments tab, correctly shows only Petty cash account

Payment-lines show also Bank account.

@eko, you prove my point about how complex permissions can get. My brain is too small to envision a system that keeps everyone happy. You run the risk of users not being able to do their jobs because information is hidden to suit someone else’s lack of trust in their personnel.

Personally, I don’t think it is appropriate to have all bookkeeping functions executed on a primary accounting system. If you don’t trust an employee to see data, they should not be on the system. A petty cash clerk is not the same as a chief financial officer. I don’t think it’s worthwhile to have them using the same tools.

I agree with that, sometimes Manager is too “big” in its presentation while faltering at the goal post. Once I was alerted to the fact it is for small businesses, I adjusted and love it for what it can do for those in terms of preparing for taxes (be it VAT or company ones) and we keep it simple and works well. For anything advanced like restaurant or shop POS we just use POS systems and use the monthly financial summaries these produce in Manager. All remains auditable, traceable and manageable. From restaurant POS and Retail POS we know in detail what was transacted, what was popular, wasted, etc. and what came into stock, etc. We keep Manager for any company as simple as possible and thus only enable what we need. And that is just the fantastic advantage we find Manager has. Also as far as reporting is concerned we never had any need for more than what already is there. It is enough for us to decide on directions while the separate POS softwares just help us to steer day-to-day business.

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@Tut and @eko thanks for your view and update, however is it possible to remove payment-line item ?
I think it is not the question of petty cash, or any day to day accounting activities, it is a flow in the system that a restricted users can see everything on the payment section irrespective of the permission. it is the same with other banks you give permission to add for one bank and you can see all other bank payments when we click on the payment line tab.
I think and request this need to be addressed.

No, this is a recent and welcome new feature that is useful for everyone including the Desktop users who have no business with permission settings. I hope that @Lubos will correct the issue because it is inconsistent with the expectation to only see the payment lines of the restricted user cash or cash equivalent account and not show any others beyond their restrictions.

I think it a bug and must be fixed because it enables users to override permission settings. Some screws must be tightened in the permissions engine room.

Fixed in the latest version (23.9.21)


I know this has been fixed. However, I find it logical to creat Petty cash as an Expense Claimant. This way the payments would be made from the bank direct to the petty cash holder who would be owing the company up to the time the money is attached to an Expense account by using the Expense Claim Tab with proof of receipts and invoices on retirement. This really works well for me. The petty cash holder won’t be able to see any payments from the payment tab.

Hi, I am really sorry to bring this again, but now we can see all transaction on another tab which is “find& Recode”

Can this too be fixed. @lubos since you had fixed the payment-line bug I hope this may not be complicated

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The above Bug is not fixed in as well

I can confirm this bug

Fixed in the latest version (23.10.6)

Thank you it looks good.