Permission model adjustment

For now it is the same permitted action or none per module, and I would like to give some modules (tabs) different permissions than the default permitted action. Would something like added picture be possible. I think it speaks for itself.

Thank you.

I think this is interesting proposal but there is even more important issue to solve. And that is, how to facilitate access to individual bank accounts. So I’m not going to add this just yet. It’s possible I might change how user permissions are set up in future to make them even more flexible.

I know you are re-thinking the implementation of user permissions, and it seems to me that could be a huge job.

So the only quick solution I could come up with, without a complete overhaul of the permission implementation of manager is to treat each bankaccount, and maybe even cash accounts, as a separate (sub)module.

Since it looks like user permission is granted per user/business/module, and with the assumption that there will be a limited amount of bankaccounts per business. If I place this on topic, it could look something like this.

The bankaccount numbers are so long because I read somewhere IBAN numbers can be up to 34-positions.
Anyway; whatever you come up with. Thanks.

Is this feature coming anytime soon?

Any progress on user permissions ??
Cash accounts have been implemented, I am hoping this will follow soon.