Different Permission Every Tab

Can you add different permission in every module/tab in Manager for Server Edition?

Thanks a lot.

Do you mean being able to setup permissions within tabs like you can do for Cash Accounts tab?

yes, thats i mean. Let admin to configure different permission tab of manager.

For example :
Cash Account : Can view, add and update
Sales Order : Just view and add

Could you give some use case (real world example) why you need this?

Its because if i use server edition, i will give someone job in Manager. Employee just can use Manager that i have choose for them.

For my company i have div. Marketing and div. Production, production just can view Sales Quotes and copy to Sales Order, but in sales order they can add, edit and delete.

O yea, one again. Can u make Manager can copy from Sales Order to Production Order.

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I try to extend user permission model every couple of months for new functionality so I’ll keep this in mind when I’m working on it next.

Not sure how you imagine this to work. They are completely different documents. There is not much to copy across.

Okay, Thanks @lubos.