Late payment fees activation

Hi, how do we activate late payment fees in manager?
Activating it on an invoice then you get a notification on the top of the invoices seems not to be responding.

You need to click on Customize (below tabs left column of your screen) then go to Sales Invoices and enable Late payment fees (see screenshot)

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 12.23.20

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Hello, after adding a late payment fee percentage on an invoice as per the attached, nothing changes on the invoice, the late payment fee is no longer showing at the bottom of the invoice it is calculated from.
How to make it show at the bottom of the invoice so that the invoice gets a new total with late payment fees inclusive?

After a little bit of searching I found out that activation is now done in the Late Payment Fees tab. @lubos The guide has to be updated.

Next time please show the complete edit screen, including the breadcrumbs at the top.

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I find the use of a separate tab for late payment fees rather cumbersome and hope that @Lubos thinks this over as they only apply to Sales Invoices.