PDF Tracking? How are my emails stored on your server?

Regarding sending PDF with tracking … please explain how my emails are stored on your server. How secure is my information? Who has access to my information. And how long are emails stored on your server? Thank you!

Emails are not stored, only attachments. And only if you enable “Tracking” functionality which gives you ability to view whether your attachment has been actually viewed by recipient.

Anybody who receives your email can view the online attachment as they will have the link. The link is not password protected but it does contain random 128-bit identifier which means it is practically unguessable as number of possibilities is 39-digit number (that’s big).

Currently, online email attachments are stored indefinitely but we are planning to start purging email attachments older than 3 months automatically. We assume 3 months will be long enough time for your recipients to open their attachments.

Thanks Lubos … and will there ever be the ability to copy someone on an email … or perhaps even a blind copy?

There will improvements to emailing early next year so I’ll keep this in mind.

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