PDF not showing Chinese


I’m using the cloud edition, I type both English and Chinese in every document with Manager, but when I try to make the invoice to PDF, the Chinese doesn’t show. It’s ok when I print it out, just not showing in PDF. Is this a bug or system not support other language in PDF? I am a user of cloud edition for couple years, I remember it used to show Chinese in PDF.


Can you post screen shots of the screen view of a transaction in both languages and of a PDF of the same transaction?

These two pictures are the same invoice, first one shows the normal view, and the second one is a PDF view.

Thank you. This seems to have something to do with character sets. @lubos will need to look into it.

ok, Thank you, will wait for your reply.

I’m removing this topic from bugs category on the basis that this issue is in internal PDF generator which is now obsolete.

There is now new approach which doesn’t have this issue. So if you are affected, I recommend using the new approach.