I can't download invoice reports as pdf

I can’t download invoice reports as pdf

You need to enable the PDF generator by going to Settings > Obsolete Features > Internal PDF Generator and then check Enabled

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Alternative to enabling the Obsolete PDF generator is to click on Print and then Print to PDF.

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In the future, @Elbanna_Hassan, please use a screen capture tool to show images. Photographs are difficult to see and often leave out important information for troubleshooting.


And next time please search the forum first.

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The trouble with that(when I use the print button) eko is when I do that to save my invoice as a PDF it does not name it as it does with the PDF button
Print to PDF names it as Front Desk 2018 (2021-01-02) (2021-11-0…pdf (I am Front Desk)
where the PDF button names it Invoice 1890 - Blacklock Mowing limited.pdf ( Blacklock Mowing limited is who I am invoicing)
I prefer the PDF one

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Does this thread help User-friendly PDF names - #26 by lubos

I don’t think that is relevant, @Patch, because @Wornout wants her operating system to name files when printing to PDF the same way the obsolete internal PDF generator did when she used that feature. She does not seem to want to accept that her operating system is beyond Manager’s control, especially when it comes to a deprecated feature that is no longer supported.

Thank you Tut for understanding what I am trying to say :clap: :sparkling_heart:

The one thats being depreciated is working fine. And it has nothing to do with accepting a fact.
If it can name it with front Desk which is from manager why can it not name it invoice which is also from manager

That is a question for whoever wrote your operating system, not this forum.

lol all good Tut. I will use the PDF button for as long as I can

Oops, wrong linked thread, see this one instead Better filename proposition for pdf exporting using print button - #7 by lubos

Yes that’s exactly what I am saying :grinning: But the posts don’t solve the issue I have the version which is after the one lubos states dalacor started to solve the problem and then the posts stop so I dont know the out come. but if lubos fixed/improved it before then hopefully he can do it again