PDF metadata

Dear @lubos,

In the last few months, in my company, we have starting using a DMS called Mayan, ie a document management system, that can, inter alia, archive automatically files, based of file metadata.

It would be very useful, if feasible, that Manager could store data that are already passed to the generated documents, and so also to the themes, also inside the pdf metadata.

It would save us a lot of work.

Thanks as always for the great software!

Can you give an example what sort of metadata you’d include on invoice PDF or some report PDF generated in Manager?

I would had for sure:

  • business name
  • title of the document
  • reference
  • document date
  • due date
  • description
  • recipient name
  • recipient identifier
  • and all the permutation of the total label & total text

How can this be considered metadata? You have included most of the content of many transactions. Metadata is normally information like author, date created, date modified, file name, file size, PDF version, etc.—all about the PDF file itself, not the content of the document that was converted to PDF.

Metadata can store anything useful: an author, an amount, a date, some tags. It’s a table. Who says not the content?

Since most DMS can use metadata to automatically classify documents, if it’s not a problem, since they are already disponibile inside Manager, It would be useful to have them also as metadata inside the pdf.