PDF function not working

Hi…I’m on cloud version, my PDF function is not working. I complete a quote and want to PDF to save to the customers file for e: mailing, press PDF and it takes you out of Manager to the home page, Businesses…

Please assist.

Thanking you and regards…

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Yes… Even I’m facing same problem with system PDF option not working after clicking it shows home page… Desktop version

Please assist with this
Thank you

Hi @KeoN001 & @VrK The PDF generator has been obsolete for at least two years now.

It’s advised to switch to using Print button and email portal links instead since this feature has not been supported or maintained for quite a while.

Thanks Ealfarden…disappointing, but it is what it is then, printing to PDF really doesnt look good, but I’ll work something out…

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Hi, I’m facing the same problem … thanks to resolve it asap !!!

We can no longer send quotes by email in Manager…

This issue has been resolved in the latest version. If you are on cloud edition, you can force the upgrade by going to https://cloud.manager.io then login then click Restart Cloud Server.


Hi @lubos,
I’ve just restarted my cloud server but the problem still exists for invoices.
Can you please review and advise when its fixed.

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Hi @lubos,
Iv also restarted the cloud server and the problem is still happening. Problem only started today, was using it yesterday just fine.

Hope this will be fixed soon.


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This is fixed, update your cloud version again. I just updated to Manager Server v23.8.23.997 !! and it all works again as expected, i.e. PDF conversion works and Emails are sent with PDF files attached when PDF is enabled in obsolete features.

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Worked for me… I restarted the server and got v23.8.23.998 and works fine!