Have anyone have problems with PDF download from Manager?

Hello everyone,

Starting today, I have noticed an issue where users with restricted access are unable to generate PDFs. I understand that this function might be considered obsolete or has been deprecated by your team, but it remains a crucial tool for our workflow. It significantly streamlines the quoting process for our sales team, enabling them to promptly generate and download essential PDFs.

Users with full access privileges do not have any problems when downloading the PDFs. I’ve thoroughly reviewed the permissions settings, and it seems that there are no specific allowances tied to this particular feature.

Could someone help me on this? I’m eager to find a solution that doesn’t necessitate granting full access to our sales personnel, if possible.

Thank you in advance for your help and insights.

You are supposed to first search the forum. You would have found this (is still on the forum main page). PDF function not working - #7 by lubos

I just did… Didn’t see it… My bad sorry. How can I close or delete this question?

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