Pdf Arabic converter fonts for Mac

which Arabic font works properly with pdf converter in Manager? I am using Mac Catalina. I have custom theme which works fine with windows but same theme gives error when using Mac. if i remove font family from theme then its ok. it generate default font which is not proper.

All internally generated PDFs substitute the Noto Sans font family, in order to accommodate the many languages into which Manager is translated. Make sure you have not removed that font from your computer.


We just removed the Font Family tag from the code for the Arabic Text and it didn’t pick the Noto Sans. We do have Noto Sans Arabic Font in our System. What do we do from here?


You mentioned errors. If there are any error messages, please post screen shots of them.

Please see attached error

@lubos will have to look at this.

Was he able to look into it?

Debugging custom themes is generally at task for the person who wrote the custom theme.

The first line of the error message suggests the referenced font is not available to Manager hence the subsequent zero width errors.