Payslip to Payment Document Link

Hi All,

I see a couple of earlier posts similar to this, however, I’m not sure if this is in the works, or if someone has an easier workaround, so posting my question here.

The way we see the Payment Reference number on a paid Invoice, is it possible to see the Payment Reference number on a paid Payslip as well. Sometimes, there are questions on which payment document was created for a particular payslip, and then it becomes tricky to find. I completely understand the reduction of liabilities in accounts, however, am requesting to know if there is a way to link payslips and payments. This will help us reduce our manual tasks of matching documents by looking through each document. We currently have Payslip number as a custom field on payment document, however, it takes time to open PDF versions and look for the matching Payslip number.

Thank you.

That is not possible. Payroll payments in Manager are not made against specific payslips, but only against the liabilities in Employee clearing account. A single payment might include compensation to an employee for more than one payslip, for reimbursement of expense claims, for advances against future salary, etc.

You do not need to do this. Set up your custom field, Payslip Number (or whatever you call it) to show as a column. Then it will be displayed in the Paylsips tab listing. You will be able to search and sort by payslip numbers.

Thank you, Tut. How could I have forgotten about the show as column option. It was not enabled in the custom fields, and that is a good solution for our current requirement.