Payslip summary suggestion

Can we not include the qty into the payslip summary and a total there of.

please see attachment marked in red.

Quantity of what?

that would be what ever qty you entered on their payslip . I’m my case it would be the hours.


that way we can see how many hours was spent on a project so as to charge the client.

How do you know that the Bricklayer’s 6 hours were all related to the one project for that period.
To be only related to one project you would have to be creating the payslip per project.

Therefore, what ever source is being used to input that hours “qty” on to the payslip can also be used to input the client’s chargeable hours into Billable Time.

If you are billing customers by time, that is the purpose of the Billable Time tab. See these Guides:

Brucanna and Tut . maybe I’m not understanding the whole thing but to my understanding is it would be easer when entering a pay slip for e.g.
bricklayer spent 9hr on one project and the next 2 days ( 9+9 = 18hr) on another project I would enter it like so see attachments

So when I pull out a profit and loss report with a tracking code of Malan it would be easier if the total hour is shown next to Wages and salaries the total hours spent on that project is shown so I can use that total hours on the Billable Time

that way I don’t need to create a spread sheet of each hour spent on each project ,
So as I complete my payslips at the end of each day , at the end of each week I can see the total hours spent on a project by simply pulling a 'Profit and loss report and see the total hours spent on the project.

Your suggested approach might work for you, @lcprop, but it will not work for general application. Suppose you had 20 workers, all being paid and billed out at different rates. The P&L will show the balance of the Wages & salaries account, not a listing of how many hours at whatever rates for multiple employees. That just is not the purpose of a P&L statement.

On the other hand, you could add some custom fields to Billable Time as suggested in this Guide: Then sort the Billable Time tab listing by employee or project or however you are tracking. Export to a spreadsheet and manipulate.

You seem to be trying to treat your P&L (possibly by tracking code) as the primary input for Billable Time. I suggest you reverse your thinking and consider billable time entries as the inputs. There will be less work overall.

Perhaps if there was under Reports a “Payslip Details” (for a period) report then that can act as the source for billable time / invoicing rather then the duplication of maintaining spreadsheets.

That what I think .