Payslip Items can be deleted even though in use

Please consider a stronger warning stating the actual consequence of deleting a payslip item. Ie: “Deleting this item will cause previously issued payslip items to be sent to suspense” or something along those lines.
I had several payslip items no longer in use and so deleted them not realising the gravity of the situation and that an employee’s entire payslip earnings would end up in suspense. :disappointed:

Could we not have an Inactive button or Archive button or such? Something that will not affect previously issued payslips?

Example of warning currently issued
What happens to your previously issued payslips when you delete a payslip item.

This seems to be a violation of a basic principle of Manager, that you cannot delete anything that is in use. A non-inventory item, for example, cannot be deleted if it appears on a single invoice. I will elevate this as a bug.

Thank you.

Good point. Fixed in the latest version (16.11.10)