Make payslip Item inactive

Use Case: An NGO where employees/contracted workers are paid based on the time or commitment to ongoing projects.

Employee payslip items example

Earnings Items

20% of time on ABC Project
20% of time on XYZ Project
60% of time on 123 Project
Fixed component

Employer contribution to social security.

From ABC Project
From XYZ Project
From 123 Project

Payslip items that were used to categorize employee expenses during some of these short-term and long-term projects must be deactivated at the close of the project.

See the example below earning items of an NGO. Many of these projects were completed years ago.

Improved in the latest version (23.4.3)

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(receipt) hidden in the Employees tab?

It was never there nor should there be any reason for it to be.

On the contrary, it was very good and helpful

Show a screenshot where it existed as I downloaded and opened an old version and can not find it.

What would creating a receipt here do?

@aymnak have a look at Amount to pay button in the bottom-right corner. It will generate single receipt for all outstanding employee balances.

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Yes, I did not see it. It has changed its location

Thank you